Gragert Research offers a wide range of services to fit every campaign’s needs and budget, including targeted polling memorandums, background checks, voting analyses and comprehensive media reports. No matter how big or small the race, we make ourselves available through Election Day to answer campaigns’ questions, participate in strategic planning and fact-check communications.


Our product supplies campaign managers, pollsters, media consultants and other strategists with the information needed to build winning campaigns. During the course of our research, we review a broad range of public records, including but not limited to: legislative documents, budgets, press clippings and online media, campaign finance reports, regulatory filings, personal financial disclosures, property filings, and court records. We identify opponents’ vulnerabilities and help campaigns to develop messages and strategies accordingly.


In order to mount a successful campaign, candidates must understand their strengths and be prepared to address potential vulnerabilities. Gragert Research provides vulnerability assessments that help campaigns understand their candidate’s background. This allows campaigns and organizations to effectively market their candidates to voters while anticipating potential lines of attack and preparing defenses in advance. In a political climate built around the 24-hour news cycle, such planning has become increasingly important.


Gragert Research provides ongoing strategic consulting based and follow up research to clients’ campaigns through Election Day.